Bokai Incorporated is a 501 C-3 charitable organization currently working directly with village leaders in local government, farming  and education in Guidan Roumji, Niger.  The initial goals include addressing basic needs for water, supplies and  capital improvements.   Projects include providing computers and printers for the Mayor of Guidan Roumji, building and repairing wells for the villagers and sending school supplies and books for the local high school.  Additional projects in process include providing microloans for local entrepreneurs, introducing alternative farming practices and selling solar equipment through local merchants.  Based upon our current successes and the efficiency of working directly with the village leaders of Guidan Roumji, we are  looking for these leaders to help replicate this process in other villages of Niger.  We are also looking to leverage our connections in Niger to facilitate introductions to larger charitable organizations currently working in Africa such as Heifer, CARE and Oxfam.